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home of GB Junior Rifle Shooting Squad

The National Squads exist to provide intensive training for shooters who already represent Great Britain in international matches and win medals, and also for those who aspire to do so.  It follows that only shooters who have a genuine desire to become medal-winners, and who have the necessary dedication, enthusiasm, self-discipline and talent to do so, are taken into the Squads.  Since there is only very limited funding available for elite shooting in Britain, it also follows that such shooters must have the means to support the cost of their shooting - or in the case of Juniors, that their families are ready, willing and able to do so.  To win major international medals Junior shooters will have to learn to produce (reliably, not just once in a while) scores in excess of 595 prone, 1170 or 575 in 3P, 590 or 395 for air rifle, 580 or 385 for air pistol.  There is no point in hiding the fact that this takes an awful lot of hard work by the shooter - it can never be achieved if shooting is regarded as a twice-a-week hobby!

Are you under 21 and Interested?

Then your first move needs to be to ensure that your current shooting performance is recorded onto the national database at www.gbjs.org.uk. You are welcome to call the database administrator, Roger, on 01747 822202 for a full explanation, assistance, etc.